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"Consider your seed: you were not made to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge"










Through the promotion of the area, its values, and typical regional products, talking about what you do, what you think, what you want us to know. Wanting to define the project, it is: an interactive promotion system, and for this reason it ranks among the most innovative and disinterested proposals.

REGIONANDO is in fact with you and for you; it costs you nothing. Its purpose is: research, enhancement, documentation, and dissemination of the typical activities of each locality, municipality, province, region, through the works and testimonies of all of us.

Its contents will always be readable as they are part of its sections and are not replaced or overwritten by more recent or more convenient ones.

REGIONANDO will present the area, describe its events, and highlight the aspects that have always characterized our country: art, traditions, food and wine, typical handicraft products, local entrepreneurship, landscaping, spas.

REGIONANDO is particularly suitable for promoting ourselves, making ourselves known, for defending our cultural heritage and our assets, against speculation always behind us, and ready to suffocate our initiatives. Each section is designed to present and disseminate the "values ​​that insist on a given locality, whether they are thought activities, artifacts, expressions of feelings".

REGIONANDO is a conscious, safe, quality choice. Through its structure, it communicates with all of us providing, where possible, all the information regarding the area, in order to allow us a pleasant and satisfying stay.

Where and when

"Festivals, Events, Where to go": an overview of the activities in the area, which could allow us to discover precious glimpses of Italy.
Editorial area

What to eat

A section dedicated to local food and wine. You can describe your typical dishes and send your recipes for publication.
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Guide Telematiche sul Territorio

A descriptive guide for your visits to the area
Editorial area

Our strengths :

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Territory analysis
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How To Use The Region By Editors Section

"In this section they will be published, after the necessary evaluation of the contents and the validity of the publication (which remains at our sole discretion), your articles for the sole purpose of wanting to promote, as stated in the " Come on Forza Alla Tua Terra" of the Homepage, and in a completely disinterested way, the values ​​of the territory to keep alive the memory of our artistic, cultural and social heritage.

The material, which will not be returned and will remain at our disposal for any other use, always on the pages of the site and in any case subject to the sources, will be the expression of your acceptance of the above. Go to the "Editorial Area" section and follow the Guide

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Regionando's mission in summary

  • Regionando
  • Your stories
  • The values of the territory

REGIONANDO is the detailed and descriptive chronicle of what your ingenuity offers. It is the first time that the possibility of speaking about you has been offered, and in a completely disinterested way Each section is designed to present the "territorial values" that insist on a given locality, whether they are thought activities, artifacts, expressions of feelings.

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Do you have anything to say? We are here for this! Tell us who you are, what you do, and we will tell the others! Because REGIONANDO is an innovative proposal, and, for the first time, completely yours, for you who live your reality, who know it better than anyone else, who can describe it with the most suitable and convincing words.

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A series of information sections dedicated to: Festivals, events, Where to go, Typical products, Telematic guides, Stories, Publications, What to eat


"Strengthen your land"